The ‚ÄúSpecialist‚ÄĚ that is what aircraft buyers and enthusiasts fondly labeled Parker Aircraft Sales, Inc. who has been in the industry since 1999. We have been dedicating ourselves in private and corporate aircraft brokerage, sales and acquisitions providing quality solutions and services in all areas of aircraft sales and marketing business and other aviation related transactions. These are backed up by men and women of Parker Aircraft Sales, Inc. with solid 18 year experience. Since the company started, we have been able to uphold the good relationship we established for each and every clients. Our undying passion to consistently deliver exceptional service quality and go beyond if possible not just to satisfy clients but to exceed their expectations are still our guiding principle till this days. Our successful and impressive track record in aircraft sales transactions will speak for itself. We have facilitated and managed start to finish procurement, sales and brokerage processes for various clients in private and corporate practices. Our objective has always been to provide excellent customer service and money back guarantee. This is all possible with the help of our wide array of resources and experience in the sales and procurement of different varieties and categories of aircraft stretching from piston twins, turboprops and corporate jets. We adopted the latest innovative digital technologies but still consider the importance of the traditional approaches to find and acquire aircraft of choice of every client all over the world. We will not stop to evolve and adopt with the changing world of aircraft sales and continue to help every client satisfy their needs and exceed their expectations. We will continue to be the leader in the industry, and will maintain one step ahead in every competition. And lastly, Parker Aircraft Sales, Inc. will make sure that what clients perceived us as the Specialist, we will stay as it is, and strive to be more.